User Guide

Publishing a Player

To publish a player on a website you need to do the followings:

1) upload the whole folder \a4dfvp\ to your server (e.g, and

2) Paste the embed code generated by the software to the HTML view of your site

To publish a player
  1. Open an existing project file (*.a4v) or create a project file and keep it open.
  2. From the File menu select Publish (Speedkey – Ctrl+P) or click the Publishbutton on the Toolbar. The Publishing Your Video Player dialogue box is displayed. You can also check the box "Create autorun.inf file for CD-ROM autorun" for publishing to CD-ROM.
    publish video player
  3. Click Browseto select the location of the files.
    A4Desk Flash Video Player Software User Guide - screenshot
  4. Browse and Navigate to the folder where you would like to publish the player. You can also create a new folder using the Create New button.
  5. After select a folder, click OK to return to Publishing Your Video Player dialogue box.
  6. Click Publish to publish.
  7. Click Copy To Clipboard if you want to embed the video play into your website.

    Note: Refer to the topic Embedding the Video Player for information on how to create a new project

    embed the code
  8. On your computer navigate to the folder where the player was published.
  9. Use the files under the folder to publish onto your web page after suitably modifying the HTML files of the page.

Uploading to server

  1. After publish the video player, you may want to upload to server and share the video with others
  2. You can set your ftp information in ftp setting button
    ftp setting
  3. Make sure your ftp information is correct before proceed to ftp.
  4. Then, click Upload to proceed upload
  5. A Windows Security Alert may be prompted about Windows Firewall, you need to Unblock to allow ftp function
  6. You will see the ftp screen and you can confirm the upload folder and click Upload to proceed

    Please make sure you should upload all the following files to the server:

    upload to ftp