User Guide

Video Settings

In this step, you can specify the video settings. You can:

  1. Select any video from the list of videos being encoded and preview it.
  2. Choose to apply the settings to the selected file or to all files.
  3. Choose the output format.
  4. Specify a Dimension. By default, the dimension is auto. You can choose any of the pre-defined dimension from the dropdown or choose specify the values.
  5. Specify the Output Codec. The default Output Codec is auto.
  6. Choose the Quality. By default, the quality is auto. You can choose any of the pre-defined qualities from the dropdown or choose specify the value in Kbps.
  7. Crop and pad the video. Choose the corresponding options, that is Cut, Pad, or both and specify the values. While padding you can also choose the Pad Color. Click Choose color, select a color, and click OK.
  8. Add a Watermark. To add a watermark, select the option Enable. Click Browse and select the watermark. If required, modify the settings of the watermark.
  9. Save the settings as a Profile. This profile can be used in another project. To save the settings as a profile, click Save Profile. If you already have a profile, select the profile from the dropdown. Click Set as default to set the selected profile as the default. Click Delete Profile to delete the selected profile.

The section of the video selected to be cut will be marked by black arrows in the slider. Also the time segment of the starting point and the end point are displayed.

Video settings

After specifying the video options, click Next button to go to the next step, which is specify the audio settings.