User Guide

Put Video Clips from YouTube

YouTube is the dominant provider of online video in the world, more than 70000 new videos are being uploaded every single day, and the site receive more than 100 million video views per day. To cater to the growing demand of users who would like to insert YouTube Video, we have prepared a step-by-step instruction for that.

Note: Users are responsible for any possible copyright violations.

To download video
  1. You can use third party downloader to download YouTube videos on your desktop. We will demostrate the steps using the tool from

  2. Type the URL of Youtube video, select "Youtube" as the site. Click 'Download'

    download youtube video

  3. Click 'Download FLV' to download the video clip in FLV format.

    downoad video clip in FLV format

Convert video files using video converter

  1. Download A4Desk Video Converter from its official site.

  2. Run the software, click the icon "New project" to create a new project.

    create new project

  3. Click add video file button button to insert your list of video files where you want to do the video conversion. Select the output format (usually the most popular video format is 3GP or MP4) and output folder.Users are also able to trim the video by setting the start and end time. Click next button to continue.

    add video file

  4. Choose output codec, quality, dimension for the video file. You can crop away the portions that you don't need, and add borders using crop and pad option. Check 'enable' and click browse buttonto insert your own logo for copyright protection. Click next button to continue.

    set output codec, quality, dimension of video

  5. Select audio channels, bit/sample rate(higher rate->higher quality), audio encoder (audio output format). Click next button to continue.

    select audio channels of video file

  6. Click save project to save the project and start button to start converting the video clips.

    start converting videos

  7. Video conversion is now in process.

    video conversion is in process

  8. Video conversion is done, you can click browse output folder' to browse the converted video files.

    video conversion is done

  9. Put the converted video files into your site.