User Guide

Adding YouTube Video to A4Desk Flash Video Player

YouTube is the dominant provider of online video in the world, more than 70000 new videos are being uploaded every single day, and the site receive more than 100 million video views per day. To cater to the growing demand of users who would like to insert YouTube Video to A4Desk Flash Video Player, we have prepared a step-by-step instruction for that.

Note: Users are responsible for any possible copyright violations.

To download video
  1. You can use third party downloader to download YouTube videos on your desktop. We will demostrate the steps using the tool from

  2. Type the URL of Youtube video, select "Youtube" as the site. Click 'Download'

    download youtube video

  3. Click 'Download FLV' to download the video clip in FLV format.

    download youtube video

Add video to A4Desk Flash Video Player

  1. Click download youtube video and insert the FLV video you have just downloaded.

    add youtube video to player

  2. After selecting the video file, you can choose the video quality and size. You can select 'Best' for video quality and 'Original Size' to deliver the best quality that suit your need. Click download youtube video to import the video.

    select the video quality

  3. A pop up window will be displayed when it is done. Click download youtube video

    finish importing video

  4. The YouTube video is now added to the video player.

    YouTube video is now added to the player