User Guide

Starting A4Desk Flash Video Player

Starting the A4Desk Flash Video Player program is simple. Once installation is complete, you will see a A4Desk Flash Video Player listed on the start menu.

To start A4Desk Flash Video Player

From the Start menu, select Programs -> A4Desk Flash Video Player -> A4Desk Flash Video Player.

The following windows are displayed when the program is invoked.

A4Desk Flash Video Player Software User Guide - screenshot

  1. To create a new project select the Create button or to load an existing project enter the path where the existing project can be found (you can click Browse and browse the folder too) and click Open.
  2. Clicking Exit closes and exits the program. Clicking Skip closes the wizard and takes you to the opening screen of the program.


    Note: Refer to the topic Creating a New Project for information on how to create a new project. Refer to the topic Opening And Editing Existing Project for information on opening existing projects.

  3. To exit video player select Exit from the File menu.