User Guide

Purchasing a valid license

To get rid of all the demo messages and the watermarks in the software, you will need to purchase a valid license of the software.

To register or purchase a valid license
  1. Go to the home page of the video player at and click the Registration link or enter in the URL field of your browser and click Go or press Enter on your keyboard.
  2. The license page of the video player opens. Here you will find three types of licenses that you can buy for the three versions of the software, Single User License, Site License and Corporate License.
  3. Different package will include different no. of registered videoplayer template. Get the details in Registration page
  4. Browse through the features of each of these versions and click the Buy button associated with the version you wish to buy.
  5. Follow the instructions to use your credit card to make the purchase.
  6. Once a successful purchase is made details from where you can download a licensed copy is sent to your e-mail address that you provide while making the purchase.
  7. Install the downloaded file as explained in the topic Downloading and Installing the A4Desk Flash Video Player

To remove the demo buttons and watermarks

If you have purchased and registered the video template already, but the demo button adn watermarks still exists, please follow the steps below.

  1. Verify the software Package tpye. Please make sure that the downloaded package is what you have purchased.

    Also, please ensure that the video template you want is included in this package. You may take a look to the PRICE LIST for understanding which templates are included in which package.
    video remove button 1
  2. Open the target (existing) project.

    video remove button 2
  3. Click "File", "Update Player in Project"

    video remove button 3
  4. You would need Save, Publish, Upload & Overwrite related files on yoru server
  5. You may need confirm do files/ folders are uploaded to correct location
  6. Clear browser cache and refresh