User Guide

Adding Video

You may need to convert and importyour video or you can simply add a remote video.

To add video
  1. You can locate the video panel to add, delete and arrange your video.
  2. To add more video click the Add Video/Add Remote Video button of Video Playlist field and continue as indicated above.
  3. Clickto move a video one step up in the list. Clickto move a video one step down in the list. Clickto delete a video.

Convert Video

  1. When you click the Add Video button, you can see a open dialog asking you to select the source video.
  2. After selected the video file, you will see a config page for converting video
  3. You can choose the 3 default quality types - Compact, Standard, Best or you can select the best quality that suit your need.
  4. Also, you can also resize your video - Original Size (100%), 75%, 50% and 25% of the original video, so that the output video will be in acceptable size in MB suitable for online viewing.
  5. You can also check the Store the video in archive to store the video in video archive and load this video in other projects
  6. You will see the video progress
  7. After finish, the video will be added to your project.

Add Remote Video

  1. You can also add remote video, click the Add Remote Video to add your remote video
  2. Fill in Title, Comment of the video
  3. Fill in Video Link (e.g and click OK to add the remote video.