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A4Desk Video Player

Create your own video player with playlist support at ease. Use our online panel to choose the player and add your videos. Copy and paste the generated code to your web page and your videos are ready to play.

  • Choose from a preset of player skins
  • Add multiple videos to your playlist
  • Support multiple formats (H.264/MP4, WebM, Ogg Theora) per video file for maximum browser support
  • Adjust player dimension and default volume levels
  • Generate embed code for easy embed to your website. No programming or scripting knowledge required.
  • features coming soon: Color themes, player controls etc.
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Publish video players and play videos on all major browsers on your PC and Mac. Players compatible with various devices and tablets like the iPhone, iPad and Android.

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Video Compatibility in Browsers

Browser \ Format OGG MP4 WebM
Internet Explorer 9+

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What's new?

It is the latest version of the markup language that builds up every web pages. The new spec introduces the <video> tag, which makes videos a first-class citizen on the web similar to text and images. You can add video playback to your web pages just like what you can do with text and images.

No more plugins to play videos

You may wonder what is the fuss to support videos, as we can play videos on the web in Flash Player, Apple QuickTime or other software. Provides a standard way to add videos on web pages, so that you do not need any plugins to play videos. Browser plugins are often infested with security exploits, and cause slowdown during browsing due to performance issues. Playing videos without plugins is safer and feels snappier.

Cross-platform, infinite possibilities

Videos work on PC and various devices, so you can add your video once and play anywhere. The spec provides advanced methods to allow interactions of the video and the web page. Programmers can control playbacks using JavaScript, or add effects using CSS.


Every modern browser on PC and various devices support videos. Stay up-to-date to your browser and you are ready to enjoy videos.
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